Friday, January 13, 2012

Decoration - Snowballs

Snowflakes can be put or hang on the tree, stick to the window, stick to the ceiling, turn them into luxury garlands, to use as napkins for a festive table - it all depends on the size and type of paper you use and how long you want them to spend .
They are easy to make, they are accessible even to the baby, which is more or less already know how to handle the scissors. Snowflakes are obtained for each different - exactly the same as the real - hard to find two alike.

Snowflakes vsemozmozhnoy shape can be cut from both the white and of colored paper -
Every paper is thin enough that it can be folded into 8 or 16 times and cut with scissors. Good cigarette, but it is usually white. But it's great to cut out little snowflake. For beauty - plastic wrapping paper, thin multi-colored foil. Well it will look two-tone paper. And, of course, you will need scissors and a little imagination.

Square snowflakes.

this method of folding obtained four main beam. These snowflakes and cut easier - get fewer layers of paper, so scissors glide, like clockwork.
To have a snowflake was such a square of paper folded so that with a sweep got this picture. If you explain your fingers, then add up the first square of paper diagonally. Pivoted to the right angle upwards (folded down). Fold in half again, right angles turn up again and add up the two. From the resulting triangle cut out a variety of geometric shapes. Expand and look at the result.